The Project

The Swiss Interactive Media Design Day gathers international design experts, students and professionals in St. Gallen. The topic of this fourth annual event was UN\\REAL. We created the digital branding and the website for this event.

We let the topic UN\\REAL manifest itself in the user experience, by letting website visitors remix its very design. Users then shared their personal versions of the website, thereby sharing the news of the event even further.

What we did
  • Concept
  • Screen Design
  • Digital Branding
  • Website Development
  • WebGL Development

Interactive Design Remixer

User-generated Visuals

Branding application

UN\REAL Branding application

Remix Editor

UN\REAL Remix Editor

Personalized design

UN\REAL Personalized design

Which one is real?

UN\REAL Which one is real?

Desktop UI Design

UN\REAL Desktop UI Design

Poster campaign

UN\REAL Poster campaign

Mobile UI Design

UN\REAL Mobile UI Design

Event Branding

UN\REAL Event Branding